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Everything You Need To Know About GPS Car Tracking Systems

It is a must to install a GPS car tracking system on your car if you like to know its current location and follow every movement it has. Basically, there are two kinds of tracking devices that could be installed on a car and these are real time and passive GPS tracking.

Now in passive devices, it keeps a log of the car’s status, speed and direction which are then saved to a memory chip. You can retrieve this at a later time and used it for analyzing and monitoring the performance of the driver or optimize the car’s route. When it comes to real time devices however, it is signaling the location of the car using satellite link to the GPS database every five minutes. The user can have access to this information from the web, which gives them accurate info of the car’s position.

Whether you believe it or not, there are great number of uses for GPS car tracking systems and some of these include:
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Number 1. Security companies can take advantage of this by checking the locations of their personnel as well as work vehicle, which is great for banking as well as financial institutions.
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Number 2. It becomes easier to manage fleet of vehicles from vans, buses, cars or lorries like ambulances, couriers or taxis.

Number 3. Rental car monitoring location of the rented cars for pickup and even checking on mileage is also possible.

Number 4. Courier delivery services can take advantage of this as well because it allows them and their customers to monitor their delivery van and their parcels.

Number 5. Private owners can track the movement of their car in case that it is stolen and be able to recover it.

There is also the possibility of connecting a panic button to the system which will send an alert if ever there is sudden problem, security breach or even breakdown, which calls for a response team.

When it comes to passive GPS systems however, they are not as responsive as their real time counterpart and also, can serve more as the record of car’s journey, weekly trips or daily use. They are perfect as well in recording parameters like direction, speed and even time but is accessible only when the memory chip of the GPS tracker is retrieved.

These GPS devices are used both as part of covert undercover surveillance jobs in which tracking a person’s movement or car’s journey is important and as open monitoring systems for the company’s statistics and performance. These devices are unobtrusive and small and may be concealed on underside of the car or within its body.