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Why Your Small Business Needs an Integrated Shipping Solution Competition is fierce and unforgiving with millions of ecommerce small businesses operating in the US. The customers that visit your online store look for great bargain and value for their purchase. However, these are not the only things that dictate your online sales. The truth is, many shoppers are also interested in how much money they are going to pay in shipping and handling. This is because the cost of shipping can diminish the offered value of the product if it is too high. In order not to discourage your customers, aside from offering great value for the product they purchase, you should also have a shipping system that would enable you to access affordable shipping rates with fast delivery windows. Integrating this shipping solution to your online store will be to your advantage. You can greatly increase your sales with this shipping solution since it can attract new customers and retain current ones. Sixty percent of customers are said to be lost by any company that do not offer low shipping cost, and this is according to current studies. The problem of most small businesses is that they are not able to access the cheap pricing offered by the USPS for priority mail shipments because they require 150,000 packages shipped per year. With membership, you can get the big volume discounts offered by other providers. The best small business shipping solution is integrating with this service and major ecommerce shipping carts. What major courier services can achieve on a large scale like delivering millions of packages per day by using their own integrated shipping software, your business, too, can do it on a much smaller scale. Your customers can benefit from the lowest shipping rate with the fastest delivery window which can be achieved if you have an integrated solution wherein your ecommerce orders can be automatically exported to your software solutions where shipping carriers and their aggregate rates can be compared and you can choose from them. It benefits in sustaining growth and retention. The problem with many business owners is that they do it manually instead of automating it. Exporting orders, checking for errors, updating order statuses, adding comments, updating customers with tracking information , and printing shipping labels are the processes that can already be automated. Automating these processes will allow you to focus your core efforts on expansion and growth. You will no longer have to do the remedial and tedious pack and ship processes.
Getting Down To Basics with Shipping
Competing in the big world of ecommerce takes grit and determination. Your operations can be powered with shipping solutions that can help you reap benefits including offering low shipping rates, delivering packages more quickly to your customers and improve upon sales and retention.Smart Ideas: Businesses Revisited