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All about Hair Extensions: Now Trending Over the internet, this is the newest trend for individuals who would like to try hair extensions. The new look for you is the goal of this guide. What is the best hair extension that will suit for your hair? Here it goes. Here’s is the new trend’s quick list for you: 1.What is Your Type? It varies from person to person. There are things to consider first like, your hair, your texture, and the style of the hair you wanted to try today. You should check among these which one is suited for you:
The Ultimate Guide to Extensions
a.I-Tip. It is versatile and long-lasting. The silicon component protects the hair. It is also known as the “cold fusion”. Strand by strand to your hair it is added by a micro bead. It is squeezed in through your hair. The hair looks fluidy now. It is very natural its movement. This style will benefited more by ponytail-style hair. Add highlights, no problem for this hair extension. If you’re aiming for a full head hair extensions, this will take you 2 1/2 hours to attach. It is best for 6 to 8 weeks tightening, to redone.
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b.Skin Weft For short or thin hair, this one is for you. It is also quick to install, about 30-40 minutes. c.Keratin or Hot Fusion. This one requires a professional to install and remove it. c.Keratin or Hot Fusion. This is one is naturally protective. The heat is out of the issue, if you’re talking about installing this. The hair is ideal for African-Americans. e.Clip-Ins. For easy and numerous usage, this one is for you. Using this hair extension for a year is one of its advantages. 2.How to Install These? a.Step 1: Use a dry shampoo first. Just make sure to take an ample section of your hair first. The top section of your hair is sprayed first. b.Step 2: Prepare then the human hair extensions. In accordance to your full hair, get an approximate estimation of the amounts of hair you’ll use. c.Step 3: Separate your hair by sections. The bottom should be the first area. Twist up the rest of your hair on the top and clip it aside. The roots are then teased by using your comb’s fine tooth sides. The comb is then used to comb the hair in an upward fashion. It will create a cluster of hair at the top section of your bottom hair. d.Step 4: You choose first the shorter length extension pieces. It is designed that longer length extensions will go above, on the scalp to cover larger area, while the shorter ones stay on the bottom. After attaching it, if you want to blend it to your natural color, use a dry shampoo. To blend, spray a bit and then comb it. These new hair extensions are worthy to try. Camouflage in girl!